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In art museums, white supremacy culture functions a lot like a street code. There are certain symbols, figures, and phrases one must know to succeed. However, I’m pretty excellent at back-alley navigation and I’m bringing anti-racist futures into art museums one color block at a time.


Curatorial + Academic Work

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"After six years of working as a museum curator—at

a small, a mid-size, and, currently, a very large

institution—I’ve learned how nefarious the culture

of white supremacy in art museums really is."

Dr. Kelli Morgan

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Kelli Morgan is a curator, educator, and social justice activist who specializes in American art and visual culture, her scholarly commitment to the investigation of anti-blackness within those fields demonstrates how traditional art history and museum practice work specifically to uphold white supremacy. Besides her own curatorial experience, she is the Director of Curatorial Studies at Tufts University where she mentors students, emerging curators, and regularly trains staff from various museums how to foster anti-racist approaches in collection building, exhibitions, community engagement, and fundraising. Over the past two years, Dr. Morgan has become a leading and influential voice in bolstering anti-racist work in art museums.

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